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About Our Company

Gül Makina Sanayi was established in Bursa in 1989 and continues to serve by growing in Turkey and World Markets.

The global change that the world is in requires a redefinition of the necessities of life.

Gül Makina meets the machine equipment needs of master bakers and pasta makers all over the world with the device equipment of various ovens.

Bread is eaten by culture to the delight of all nations. Their shape is different, their taste is simple, their appearance is the best quality. Our aim is; it helps to serve you the best of bread.

Gül Makina has been trying to catch the best in Turkey and the change of the system and following the technology for 31 years.

As Gül Makina, our principle is; Purchasing solutions from quality is always trying to achieve better, innovations and alternative solutions specific to companies.