Dough Moulder Machine

Dough Moulder Machine
Dough Moulder Machine

Dough Moulder Machine

It shapes the dough, which is sheeted by the help of two polyamide rollers, at any length and thickness by the means of 2 or 4 cushions. The roller can be adjusted between 0-30 mm without restriction. There is a spring scraping mechanism made of stainless steel on the roller. The dough can be shaped at 420 mm length thanks to adjustable roller group. The folding chain and its component are made of stainless steel. It has 2500 pieces of dough shaping capacity per hour and the feature of processing 100-1200 gr dough.

Capacity (pcs/h)2500
Dough moulding weight (gr)100-1200
Number of pressing board2
Number of rollers4
Width of conveyor belt400
Width- A (mm)
Length- B (mm)

Height- C (mm)

Height of dough entry1180
Height of dough exit640
Electrical power(kW)

Weight of machine (kg)